Its summer, its Minnesota, regardless or the hail, the rain, the tornadoes, and inevitable mosquito induced mayhem, it is better to be outside than in front of a computer. Though I am barely able to muster enough anguish and regret, I do apologize for the lack of updates, though nothing newsworthy has really taken place.

To make up for it, and in the spirit of the political season, and in the spirit of that, I present to you all the news you may or may not care about, but you may have missed. But unlike a certain document dump, I’ll give you more than an hour to sort through it all.

It may not be the Friday before a holiday weekend, but it is a slow day at work.

Now with categories!


Myron is wrong again

Because every high school kid wants to play in an off campus 1970’s style arena across a parking lot from Target

Another top 20 recruiting ranking

But who ranks players once they get to college?

Is Devron Bostick the best incoming small forward in the Big Ten?

Does he have any competition?

Video of Rodney Williams and Royce White playing summer ball

No word yet on Royce’s hair.

Gopher new comers getting a chance to know each other

For a team with so many fresh faces, this can only be helpful, as long as no one gets hurt.

Gophers want Johnny Lacy, Lacy seems interested

Maybe Wisconsin will regret that they are done recruiting for the next 10 years?

PJS willing to set them up on a first date

  1. How many point guards does Marquette need?
  2. If Lacy wants to stay in the Midwest the Gophers may have a good shot.
  3. If the Gophers go after Lacy, which non-point guard do they give up on?

Don’t be surprised if basketball star Royce White,dismissed by DeLaSalle and enrolled at Hopkins, ends up at Minnehaha Academy before next season.

  1. Don’t be surprised if he does play at Hopkins
  2. Could being the star player on bad team lead to more of the same (non-basketball) issues?
  3. Is playing on a mediocre team against bad competition better or worse than playing on a great team with many stars against good (if not great) competition?

Will we ever see the Big Ten Network…maybe..

Comcast and Big Ten almost, possibly have what could be a tentative deal, if everything works out.

(Not that I am leaving myself an out if the deal goes the way of Verdell Jones.)

But not in time for Minnesota Day

Even the Big Ten Network has disappeared the post 1993 Clem Haskins era.


Brad Nessler sees a bright future for the Gophers

No word on when or how bright


PJS wraps up season review before new season begins

Not that I wrote a preview after the season started…

Everyone is transferring

Udoh to Baylor

Crawford anywhere but Indiana

Along with almost everyone else

Freeman to Southern Illinois

And the Gophers are one of the most stable teams in the Big Ten.

The Has Beens

Gopher Seniors get NBA Try Out


With graduation rates like these, shouldn’t we win more often?

Notice how I put the bad news last?

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  1. “Its summer, its Minnesota, regardless or the hail, the rain, the tornadoes, and inevitable mosquito induced mayhem, it is better to be outside than in front of a computer.”

    There are three mistakes in this sentence. Maybe Myron can help you sort them out?

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