Because an 18 year old kid can only be asked about his height so many times…

Colton Iverson generously took a few minutes of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about something other than basketball, his favorite show, “The Office”. When he isn’t playing basketball, planning for college, or doing it is whatever high school seniors do in Yankton, he watches Jim, Pam, Michael, Stanley, Dwight, et al. try to survive the modern American workplace. If anything, Colton will be very motivated to excel at basketball, lest a Michael Scott be his boss some day…

FTB: How does Yankton, S.D. compare to Scranton, PA?

CI: From what I’ve seen, Yankton is pretty similar to Scranton other than the fact that Yankton is about 1/10 the size.

FTB: Does watching NBC’s The Office make you excited to work in an office? Or will you work extra hard at basketball to avoid working in anything resembling an office?

CI: Well obviously I’d work extra hard to not have a job in a cubical but if I had to pick one office to work in, it would be this one.

FTB: With which Office character do you most identify?

CI: I think I most identify with Jim from “The Office.”

FTB: Would Michael Scott make a good basketball coach? Why or why not?

CI: I’m going to have to say no because Michael does not know what he’s talking about hardly ever, especially when it comes to sports.

FTB: What’s up with Creed?

CI [creed-the-office.png] : I think there is something he is hiding from everyone.

FTB: What do you attribute Ryan’s transformation from geeky temp to power hungry but completely incompetent super executive to corporate criminal?

CI: I think he learned from Michael how to do some get rich quick schemes like the pyramid phone cards in the first season, but Ryan’s back fired on him bad.

FTB: Of all the pranks that Jim has pulled on Dwight, which is your favorite? And why?

CI: I’d have to say that all the little things that Jim does are the best, like just simply putting Dwight’s stuff in Jello but one really good one is when they form an “alliance” and Jim tapes Dwighthttp://www.jellostapler.com/img/stapler-in-orange-jelly.jpg in a card board box during a party so he can spy on another alliance.

FTB: What has been your favorite episode?

CI: All of them are funny but I’d have to say either The Injury or Drug Testing are my favorite episodes just because I like the funniest ones.

FTB: Of the following relationships: Jim/Pam, Dwight/Angela, Ryan/Kelly, Andy/Angela, Michael/Jan – which is the most intriguing? And why?

CI: I’d have to go with Angela and Dwight because I never expected it at all.

FTB: Remember the basketball episode? If you were picking teams for a 3 on 3 game, who would be on your team?

CI: I’d have to pick Jim because he tore up Roy in the game. Then Kevin even though Michael didn’t want him, I’d take him because he didn’t miss a shot after the game. And then me for the third person.

FTB: Thank you so much!