Key words when making a prediction on a blog, or analyzing this year’s Democratic primary:

  • apparent
  • presumably
  • likely
  • assuming
  • probable
  • prospective

I clearly should have used more.

Good luck to Verdell and the crumbling Hoosier program. Playing time is good, but not if its because everyone else got kicked off the team.

2 thoughts on “Jones to Indiana

  1. Hmmmm, this kid was a terrific get for Minny yesterday, and today he announces for Indiana. So this means we are going to play without a true point again this coming year ????

  2. Nolen of course is a true point guard, but after that, your guess is as good as mine. Joseph might be adequate? Otherwise Westbrook if we want to play out of control or Hoffarber if we want to play obnoxiously slow.

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