The Nike Hoop Summit presents Gopher fans with a rare opportunity, at least for Gopher fans; the chance to see a highly touted recruit playing on National TV well before he puts on the Maroon and Gold. On FoxSportsNet today at 3 pm central time, Devoe Joseph, everyone’s favorite non-hockey playing Canadian will play for the World All-Star team along with a few future college players and plenty of big guys who will play in the NBA next year. What better way to spend a cold winter April afternoon. After all,  there were plenty of other winter afternoons when the average Gopher fan couldn’t watch present or future Gophers on any sort of TV.

And in other news, former interim coach Jim Molinari  has been named the head coach at Western Illinois. Hopefully he will have better luck cleaning up the mess in Macomb, Illinois than he did with Monson’s mess. We wish him luck.