You mean there was action in the Big Ten that didn’t involve back room deals, player walk outs, and press conferences? Who knew?

#1 Indiana

By virtue of better wins (if you want to call the outcome of the Northwestern game a win) Indiana jumps to the top of the list. They beat Purdue, and survived against NU. For a team dealing with what they are, you can’t ask for much more.

#2 Wisconsin

The Buckeyes may be on the wrong side of the bubble, but winning in Columbus hasn’t been easy. They also beat Illinois, a team better than their record indicates (at least when they play the Gophers).

#3 Purdue

Despite their loss at Indiana, they still have a shot at winning the Big Ten. Who else is hoping for mass defections during the off season?

#4 Michigan State

They beat some bottom feeders, but doing what your supposed to do isn’t enough to jump teams that are two games better in the standings.

#5 Ohio State

Perhaps the Buckeyes decided they are cursed in national championship games, and would rather try to win the NIT. All but a lock a few weeks ago, the Buckeyes are free falling and are probably on the outside looking in. A win or two the rest of the way should put them on the right side of the bubble, but it is anyone’s guess if they can pull that off.

#6 Minnesota

Besides the Illinois travesty, the Gophers have consistently beat up the team below them. Enough to stay at #6, but until they get a quality win they aren’t going anywhere.

#7 Michigan

The Wolverines have won four of their last five, and didn’t even need 50 points to beat Illinois. Like the Gophers, they beat up the teams they should.

#8 Iowa

With a bit of selective score board checking, the Hawkeyes are just as good as Indiana. Unfortunately, that makes them barely better than Northwestern.

#9 Illinois


#10 Penn State

these teams…

#11 Northwesten

had rough weeks…

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  1. lol…that’s great. he even did two separate write-ups with two different slants…and somehow didn’t notice. Fantastic!

  2. I’m going to blame the flu for this. Wisconsin should be in second. Oh well.
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