And to think Kelvin Sampson still has defenders. At least the U sent Clem packing ASAP. Let the Bob Knight return speculation begin.

Full text of the NCAA report can be found here.

For panicking Indiana fans that somehow don’t realize that the NCAA can rewrite history, go here.

Anyone else wondering what went on during Eric Gordon’s recruitment?

6 thoughts on “Indiana is dirty

  1. Yeah, Minnesota acted admirably after a newspaper reporter discovered systematic academic fraud and marginally criminal activity that been going on under the AD’s nose for better than a half decade. That’s a little different from violations that are found as a result of internal investigation and are self-reported to the NCAA. Yes, the NCAA wipes out records, but they do that when teams compete with ineligible players, which Minnesota did in nearly every meaningful game it has played in its entire sad-ass basketball history, and which IU has done not at all. A few things seem nearly certain:

    1) IU isn’t going to forfeit any games;
    2) IU will have a new coach next year;
    3) no Minnesota fan has any business crowing about anything relating to NCAA sanctions.

    If you have something on Eric Gordon, bring it.

  2. Doesn’t change the fact that being called dirty by a Minnesota fan is like being called fat by Roseanne Barr.

  3. Yeah, I think we can assume that Eric Gordon was recruited in a sleazy manner. That whole program is not synonamous with sleaze.

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