The Democratic Party is still weeks away from an obvious front runner, but not the Big Ten. After the second week in a row in which some of the Big Ten’s top teams played each other, Purdue controls its own destiny along with Indiana. All eyes will be focused on Bloomington, Indiana on February 19th, a Super Tuesday that might actually decide something.

#1 Purdue (+1)
A team as young as Purdue is due for a mysterious loss, but after their win at Wisconsin, it is beginning to look like they are too good to lose even if they have a bad game against a bad team. Adolescent Boilers?

#2 Indiana (+1)

An emotional win in a more than hostile environment followed by the first win at Ohio State by a road team in a while. Indiana needs to beat a few more quality teams before their national ranking is justified, but they took a big step towards that last week.

#3 Michigan State (+1)
They handled Northwestern by 15, meaning they played as well as most highschool teams against the Wildcats, or maybe they were just being nice.

#4 Wisconsin (-3)
Conference champions don’t lose at home, especially when the referees try to give them the game.

#5 Ohio State (+1)
A slightly better version of Minnesota, they lose and win when they are supposed to. Unfortunately for their Buckeyes, like Minnesota, their of a surprise win could keep them from dancing.

#6 Minnesota (+2)
Two games they were supposed to win, two wins. Could they be the most predictable team in America?

#7 Iowa (-1)
Two losses to two rivals, though few Hawkeyes fans should be disappointed by a still surprisingly successfuly sesason.

#8 Illinois (+1)
Free throws!

#9 Michigan (+1)
Any win is a good win at this point.

#10 Penn State (-3)
Which hurts more, losing to Michigan in basketball or football? At least Penn State fans were distracted by national signing day.

#11 Northwestern (unchanged)
#1 sign that its a rough year? Your team plays its best game all season and is still blown out.