No theme this week. I refuse to show effort until the Gophers do.

#1 Wisconsin (+3)

Two impressive road wins, and their only Big Ten loss to Purdue is starting to look  better ever game Purdue plays

#2 Purdue (unchanged)

Because they are so very, very young, I still expected an “unexpected” loss at some point, but until it happens, or they beat Wisconsin, they will stay #2. Winning at Iowa is no small task either.

#3 Indiana (-2)

Beating Northwestern is better than…

#4 Michigan State (-1)

losing at Penn State.

#5  Iowa (+1)

They may have been dreadful at the beginning of the season, but they have improved more than any other team in the conference. The only question is where and when they will peak.

#6 Ohio State (-1)

There loss to Iowa would have been more understandable if it was sandwiched between two high profile games, but instead it was between Penn State and Michigan. Ouch.

#7 Penn State (+4)

In a lost season, for at least one night, the Nittany Lions found themselves. Now if only they could fill the lower deck.

#8 Minnesota (-1)

Call them anything you want, but don’t call them an enigma. This is the most predictable team in the league. If they are supposed to win, the win, if they are supposed to lose, they lose. Their game against Iowa on Saturday should be a toss up.

#9 Illinois (-1)

They can’t really be this bad, can they?

#10 Michigan (-1)

It isn’t the players or the system, but the combination of the two. Until the players match the system, why not run something normal and have a chance to win?

#11 Northwestern (-1)

Its the players and the system.