As if regurgitating his preview for tonight’s game against MSU from this and other Gopher blogs, after a two week hiatus he drops this little gem on all of us:

“Use Kevin Payton as a reserve point guard over Al Nolen because of his experience level”

I really don’t think there is a need to comment further. I will say, hiring a beat writer with absolutely no experience or knowledge of college basketball might have passed for acceptable last year. The Gophers were bad and most people were trying to forget that we even had a Division I basketball program. I also understand that in the era of media consolidation and falling newspaper profits, there is less money to spend on adequate reporters, but goodness, I’m sure there is a retired English teacher somewhere that likes basketball a little bit who could use the extra cash.

This program is on the rise, and the Strib really needs to step up. And Myron, I hear there is a D-II school in Mankato that needs a beat writer.

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