Alright From The Barn readers, it is your turn to step up. Like many of you, I don’t have the Big Ten Network, and unlike some of you, I couldn’t get it even if I tried.

So where is a good place to watch those Gopher games that aren’t on channels that most people can actually watch? I’d especially appreciate suggestions near the U. Good televisions and good food are a must. So…where to go?

Special thanks to Dave for asking me about this, as I have been wondering the same thing the last few weeks.

2 thoughts on “What to do without the Big Ten Network?

  1. I usually watch at my house.

    Seriously though, I’ve been out at bars before when there are games I want to watch on BTN, and I haven’t found a single locale that has it.

  2. Joe Sensor’s in Roseville was great when I went to watch Gopher football @ Indiana this fall. I imagine they would show basketball games as well.

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