At one point in time, and maybe still, South Dakota State needed to worry about more than just beating their instate rivals Augustana and the University of South Dakota. They also had worry about dodging dead jackrabbits that were hurled on to the court. It seems that with miles of open road, an out of control jackrabbit population, and the sheer boredom that every South Dakotan faces, especially college students, some enterprising young people would scour the country side for road kill, sneak their collection into the arena, and throw them on the court. Nothing says rivalry like festering rodents!

SDSU doesn’t need to worry about that tonight, but it would be reasonable to throw cupcakes at the bench. They are 3-5 and have played some terrible competition. They have gotten blown out by Oral Roberts, and lost to something called Centenary and UWs-Green Bay and Milwaukee. They did however beat Northern Iowa, who beat ISU by a wider margin than the Gophers. According to some mathematical formulas, this means that the Gophers should be in trouble.

Don’t bet on it. Gophers by at least 25. When the Gophers play some real competition I might bother with a real preview.

4 thoughts on “Better cupcakes than dead jackrabbits

  1. You really don’t follow basketball do you. Half of the “cupcakes” mentioned in your article about the Jacks season to this point have actually taken part in this event called “march madness”….mark you calendar…it’s in…….you guessed it (hopefully)…MARCH….it’s been uncharted territory for the gophs in quite some time….

    …feel good about your non-conference record and check back when your your playing the rouser for moral support following home losses to Northwestern, Penn State, and the other teams looking down on you in the big 10…

  2. Would you like a little crow to go with your cupcake? Great game last night. I guess the mathematical formulas caught up with the Gophers last night.

  3. The cupcakes were the gopher rebounders.

    Eat your roadkill crow like a man. Your gopher rodents shoulda, woulda, coulda lost.

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