Tubby Smith signed a contract with the University of Minnesota to coach the men’s basketball team for seven years with a base salary of $600k/year with loads of incentives. Marcus Fuller at the Pioneer Press breaks it down as follows:

His supplemental compensation is $1.15 million a year

He receives $50,000 annually for summer camps.

Here are Smith’s list of incentives:

— For the national championship: $500,000.

— Final Four: $250,000.

— Elite Eight: $75,000.

— Sweet 16: $50,000.

— NCAA tournament berth: $100,000.

— Big Ten regular-season title: $250,000.

— Big Ten second place: $100,000.

— Big Ten tournament title: $100,000.

— Academic APR greater than 950: $100,000.

— Academic APR greater than 940: $50,000.

— Academic APR greater than 930: $25,000.

— If the four-year average of the six-year graduation rate determined by the university is equal to or higher than 50%: $100,000.

Nice to see that it isn’t too outrageous, and that hitting all the academic milestones is as important as a Big Ten championship.