The early signing period has ended with a bang for the Gophers. Devoe Joseph, widely regarded as the best high school basketball player in Canada (which might be comparable to the best high school hockey player in Brazil) has signed a letter of intent to play for the Gophers. When the final recruiting rankings come out, expect to see the Gophers in the top ten.

What better way to escape annoying family members than to watch a few youtube clips, even if they only last a minute.

Colton Iverson


Ralph Sampson III


I know there have to be videos out there of the other three recruits, Joseph, Devron Bostick, and Paul Carter, but I can’t find them. Send them this way if you know where to look.

5 thoughts on “So much to be thankful for in Tubby Smith’s first recruiting class.

  1. I guess you can spin it anyway you want, but the Gophers’ recruiting class is no better than top 25.

    Seriously, if you move it up farther, you are say they did better than Duke or Connecticutt, but those type of teams signed just a couple of players…oh, yeah, they happened to be top players. Rating the Gophers’ class highly is just ridiculous, because Duke and UConn and others have 2-4 scholarships per year, and they’re doing it year after year (they don’t have lots of players transferring or quitting).

  2. I think I will defer to the people who rate recruiting classes professionally, and not trust the opinion of someone who thinks either Kevin Payton, Jamal Abu-Shamala, or both should be starting for the Gophers

  3. Gophers’ class rated #12 by HoopScoop and #15 by Hoopmasters BEFORE Joseph signed.

    Top 10 not of the question.

  4. #7 by Hoopscoop (whoever they are) after Joseph’s signing. If only this would translate to a #7 team.

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